End of Christmas Season and NewYear ideas

Well, the day is over now. Spent it taking down all the Christmas decorations, and was geared up to take my parents decorations down also, but they were too tired for the inconvenience of it and so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow… Will this ever end!!! AAaaarghh!!

Monday is the start of a new week and hoping that my online thoughts get through, yes… it is me and not some AI bot rambling on. The reason I’m doing this to start with is to get my mind ticking again so I can start being creative once more and bring to life my luminous creations. It’s been so long since I wrote anything from my thoughts and one day, I’d like to share my stories with you too.

Which reminds me, my partner Georgina, does amazing illustrations and soon I will be adding stories to her paintings, so stay posted for that... Have a couple of ideas already and just need to figure out how to present them out.

Picture "Myths and Realities"

Something strange comes this way…

Anyway, for now I’m just working on getting myself psyched up for more ideas, and hopefully some sales 😉 So, for now, I say Adieu and Goodnight……………….



Day 2 – 06/01/2018

Hi guys, well here is my second day and second blog. It’s pretty cold outside, and the forecast is for -5C tonight and definitely chilled to the bone. I feel for you all that’s going through the winter blast in the U.S. at the moment.

Well, what happened today? I was meant to meet up with a friend, which was organised last night, but of course me being me, never asked where, so ended up not meeting…. Do’oh!  So, with my spare time I ended up window shopping and wishful thinking. Ended up getting these bottles which are pretty cool, will think of something with then soon.

Later, I met up with other friends in a new coffee shop which only opened in Mullingar just before Christmas and being there gave me some great ideas for the coming months… won’t say yet until I get a result first, but I’ll keep you posted 😊

Chocolate Browns Coffee Shop

Phew!! This thing of writing/typing is pretty hard, when trying to fill in the gaps, but as time progresses I’ll get back to painting and will keep you in the loop 😊

Alrighty, going to finish off here, as there is beer and pizza waiting for me. Have a great Saturday night and will post more tomorrow. Seeya 😉

Day 1 of my 1st ever Blog for myself and Prospect Creations

I don’t really know what to type, but what I do know is that I would like everyone that visits our website to know the people behind it and the creations that originate from me. Well, for starters, I’ve been busy de-cluttering the sitting room and trying to Feng Shui the place up a bit. That…, was the easy part, because next on my list is to try and organise the study/music room/studio as it’s like a tornado just swept through and brought utter chaos to my usually organised life.

  Art Room Chaos


New Year, New Challenges – 2017 was a humdinger of a year for me personally and damn glad that it's behind me now. 2018, is already starting off on the right foot with my graduation coming and new exciting projects afoot :-)  

Anyway, not going to dwell anymore on the past, and will put my energies towards a more creative, brighter future………. Starting with de-shiting and reorganising.

Hope to see you all soon tomorrow as I’m going to attempt to continue this blog on a daily basis.

BTW… Cheers for reading.